The Importance of Content Moderators

Social media platforms have become extremely popular across the world, giving users the ability to share their lives, thoughts, and opinions. With that comes the obligation for companies to moderate what users are posting in order to ensure their online platforms are safe for all users. This need for regulation requires companies to hire content moderators.

Content moderators are responsible for reviewing user-generated content submitted to an online platform. They review reported content to ensure users are following the platform’s guidelines and are not being offensive, promoting scams, or otherwise breaking the law. In order to determine what is deemed appropriate, they are required to understand all the set rules and guidelines the company enforces to moderate user-generated submissions. Their work is necessary to protect innocent users from offensive and disturbing content.

While the work that content moderators do is necessary, they do not have adequate work environments. Companies like Facebook and Google need content moderators to ensure they are offering their consumers a safe environment to share and receive content, yet these companies do not provide these employees with the proper support to complete this essential task.

Content moderators are typically not granted health insurance coverage and they are denied protection against severe psychological and other injuries that are the result of repeated exposure to graphic content such as child sexual abuse, beheadings, terrorism, animal cruelty, and worse. The psychological influence of reviewing violent or disturbing content on a daily basis is taxing. They are not provided with mental health screenings, treatment options, and proper compensation.

As social media has expanded and become more prevalent in our society, the demand for moderators to review content has increased. By the end of 2018, Facebook employed a staff of approximately 15,000 content moderators to review each piece of content that was reported for violating the company’s community standards.

Our attorneys at the Joseph Saveri Law Firm have experience fighting for the rights of content moderators. We recently served as plaintiffs’ counsel in a groundbreaking class action lawsuit against Facebook, reaching a settlement of $52 million along with workplace improvements. If you are a content moderator and your work environment is compromising your mental health, contact us to seek justice.