Data Sharing In The Healthcare Industry

(Berkeley Policy Journal) Joseph Saveri Law Firm economist/project manager Sofia Jordan has written “Data Sharing in the Health Care Industry,” published in the Fall 2020 Berkeley Policy Journal.

The digital age poses challenges that require governments to think more proactively and broadly about regulation, especially about the power data grants corporations and how this is changing different industries. In particular, as it pertains to healthcare in the United States, mergers and acquisitions have increased since the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Consequently, antitrust authorities have become an ever-more important decision-making actor.

Sofia’s article explains that to protect patients’ fundamental rights, policymakers, regulators, and elected officials need to expand traditional definitions of consumer welfare and explore new tools to hold corporations accountable. A new inter-agency regulatory model would unlock broad expertise, thus better mitigating the threats of gigantic industry players and placing special emphasis on equitable data governance. ­­­­