The Joseph Saveri Law Firm is conducting an Amazon eBooks price-fixing investigation into an alleged conspiracy among Amazon and the “Big Five” publishers—Hachette Book Group, Inc.; HarperCollins Publishers L.L.C.; Macmillan Publishing Group, LLC; Simon & Schuster, Inc. and Simon & Schuster Digital Sales, Inc.; and Penguin Random House LLC—to fix the prices of eBooks sold on Amazon’s marketplace. eBooks consist of general interest fiction and non-fiction books, not academic books or textbooks.

Amazon entered into agreements with these Big Five publishers that included “most favored nation” provisions. These provisions prevented the Big Five publishers from offering lower prices or better terms, for eBooks on any website other than As a result, consumers paid higher prices for eBooks on other platforms. These other platforms include Barnes and Nobles, Apple Books, Google Play Books, Blackwell’s,, Smashwords, Kobo, Harlequin, and others.

In June 2019 the House Subcommittee (“Committee”) on Antitrust Commercial and Administrative Law initiated an investigation into the state of the competition in online digital markets. The Committee issued its report in 2020, finding Amazon’s use of these most favored nation provisions to be a major anticompetitive factor in the eBook market.

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  • You purchased e-books published by Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins Publishers, Macmillan Publishing Group, Simon & Schuster, or Penguin Random House for download on any online platform other than; or
  • You would like to learn more about our ongoing investigation.

Please rest assured that any information you provide to us regarding the Amazon eBooks price-fixing investigation will be kept strictly confidential as provided by law.

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