The Joseph Saveri Law Firm represents more than 400 auto dealerships in an antitrust lawsuit against Carfax.

The suit alleges that Carfax unlawfully entered into exclusive dealing contracts with (1) various auto manufacturers and (2) leading websites that post online ads for used cars.  Auto dealers say that Carfax’s anticompetitive scheme has restricted competition in vehicle history reports, leading to higher prices and a lower quality product.

“Carfax’s illegal and exclusive contracts with other entities have drastically limited the ability of auto dealerships to serve their clients in a competitive marketplace,” says Joseph Saveri, counsel for the plaintiffs.  “By blocking its competitors, Carfax has made such reports more costly and less reliable, leaving dealerships unable to help their customers make informed decisions.”

The suit, Maxon Auto Enterprises, Inc. v. Carfax, seeks monetary damages for affected auto dealerships.


The case is currently on appeal to the United States Second Circuit Court of Appeals.