The Joseph Saveri Law Firm represents a class of California consumers and insurers who brought antitrust claims against Bayer Corporation, Barr Laboratories, and other generic drug companies in the San Diego County Superior Court.

The suit charges that these companies entered into an illegal reverse payment agreement, forcing consumers to pay inflated prices for the popular antibiotic Cipro over an eight-year period, from roughly 1997-2005. Bayer allegedly paid $398.1 million to generic drug makers to delay the release of a cheaper alternative.

California consumers and insurers allege Bayer, Barr and other generic drug producers conspired to keep generic alternatives off the market, enabling Bayer to hike prices for Cipro.

“Bayer’s illegal agreement with Barr and other companies has limited California consumers’ access to necessary antibiotics,” says Mr. Joseph Saveri, co-lead counsel for the plaintiffs. “Many people have been forced to pay inflated prices for Cipro, or to go without essential treatment. Meanwhile, these companies are reaping the economic gains of this unconscionable act.”

The suit, In re Cipro Cases I & II (JCCP Nos. 4154 & 4220), seeks monetary damages for affected consumers.

The settlements—totaling $399 million—fully resolve plaintiffs’ claims against the Cipro defendants.