The Joseph Saveri Law Firm is conducting an investigation into Varsity all star and scholastic cheer market price-fixing.

Varsity (collectively Varsity Brands, LLC, Varsity Spirit, LLC, and Varsity Spirit Fashion & Supplies, LLC) is by far the largest producer of cheer competitions and the largest seller of cheer uniforms and equipment in the United States. Varsity’s dominant position in those markets gives it the ability to charge non-competitive prices for competitions, camps, uniforms, equipment, hotel stays, access to competition videos and music, among other charges. Varsity offers favorable terms to gym owners in exchange for agreements to attend a specified number of Varsity competitions and purchase uniforms and equipment exclusively from Varsity.

Families of cheer athletes are left with no choice but to pay Varsity’s prices for its competitions and uniforms. Families must also stay at Varsity-approved hotels when attending Varsity competitions (frequently paying inflated prices) and pay extra fees to view their athletes’ performances.

Based on our investigation into Varsity all star and scholastic cheer market price-fixing, the Firm anticipates bringing a class action to recover these overcharges on behalf of cheer families. We have a long track record of obtaining leadership and producing successful results in litigation such as this against some of the world’s biggest corporations. We specialize in class actions and we get results: Our attorneys have recovered over $4 billion for their clients.

Please contact the Firm if:

  • If you have paid for Varsity’s high competition fees, overpriced uniforms, camps, and inflated pay-to-stay hotel charges
  • You have family members or friends who participate or have participated in cheer with a gym, a club, or through their school, and have paid Varsity’s prices for cheer competitions, uniforms, camps, equipment, or other fees and charges

Any information you provide will be kept strictly confidential as provided by law.