Joseph Saveri Law Firm Honors And Supports Earth Day

The Joseph Saveri Law Firm is proud to honor and support Earth Day.

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First celebrated in 1970, it includes events coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network in more than 193 countries.  This year’s COVID-19/coronavirus global pandemic serves as a dire warning about the precarious, interconnected state of our lives and the world, and the constant need to take care of both.

Climate change and environmental stewardship have become some of the largest issues facing our collective future. We are concerned about these conditions and want to ensure that our business is as “green” as possible. Last year, the firm organized an internal Green Team of employees to spearhead this goal. This year, it was designated as a Certified Green Business by the San Francisco Green Business Program.

We support Earth Day every day via various green activities, including:

  • Updating and expanding our recycling efforts as guided by local recycling recommendations
  • Avoiding activities and purchases that waste energy and resources
  • Regularly participating in Bay Area cleanup and ecology-related efforts
  • Ensuring our team is educated in green initiative practices that we can implement
  • Adhering to effective paper management practices