This class action lawsuit alleges agreements among certain manufacturers to raise or stabilize the prices for aluminum, tantalum, and film capacitors.  To date, the firm has reached settlements with various defendants totaling nearly $100 million.

A third round of settlement is pending Court approval.  On December 18, 2018, Direct Purchaser Plaintiffs submitted to the Court a Motion for Preliminary Approval of Class Actions Settlements with Defendants Nichicon and Rubycon.  The settlements would create an all-cash fund of $108 million plus an additional $12 million in contingent payments based on Rubycon’s financial performance.  If approved, total settlements in the case to date will exceed $200 million.  To file a claim to receive a share of the third round of settlement funds, please read the Claim Form instructions and submit a Claim Form by April 15, 2019.

Previously, the firm negotiated a first round of settlements totaling $32.6 million in cash and secure agreements with the following defendants:  Fujitsu Limited; NEC TOKIN Corporation and NEC TOKIN America, Inc.; Nitsuko Electronics Corporation; Okaya Electric Industries Co., Ltd. and Okaya Electric America, Inc.; and ROHM Co., Ltd. and ROHM Semiconductor USA, Inc.  Initial payments for all approved first-round claims have been distributed.  These payments represent approximately half of the total first-round distribution amounts.  To date, about 50% of all payments have been distributed.

Additionally, a second all-cash settlement fund of $66.900 million has been established for settlements with defendants Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd., Hitachi AIC, Inc., and Hitachi Chemical Co. America, Ltd. ($63 million); and Soshin Electric Co., Ltd., and Soshin Electronics of America Inc. ($3.9 million).  These settlements have been approved by the Court.  The Court has approved these settlements, and distribution is expected on or about June 2019 and January 2020.

For further information, please see the firm’s Capacitors case information page, press coverage of the most recent case settlements, and the In Re Capacitors Antitrust Lawsuit settlement website.