What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

A class action lawsuit occurs when a one or more plaintiffs sue on behalf of a larger group of people that are all impacted similarly by harmful or illegal conduct by the same individuals or organizations. The group will be treated as a “class” of plaintiffs acting to seek damages or other relief in one large lawsuit against the common party of defendants, as opposed to many harmed individuals bringing their own lawsuits against the common party defendants.

Class action lawsuits are legally beneficial as they promote judicial economy, efficiency in the adjudicatory process, and fairness to the participating claimants. They also provide greater uniformity in the recoveries among similar plaintiffs. In class actions, since the defendants are facing one lawsuit as opposed to multiple lawsuits before various judges, each with a different jury, all the plaintiffs can be more fairly compensated.

When there are multiple lawsuits filed against the same defendants, the verdicts for each lawsuit might vary. Certain plaintiffs might recover greater compensation for similar injuries than others. Even worse, some individual plaintiffs may not recover at all. A class action lawsuit removes these risks and helps ensure all injured parties recover damages at the same time and in proportion to their individual injuries. Since motions and settlements in a class action are decided and approved by one judge, the plaintiffs’ recoveries are more likely to be consistent across the entire class.

There are several stringent requirements plaintiffs must satisfy before a court will certify and approve a suit as a class action lawsuit. Our attorneys understand these strict regulations and will work diligently to obtain the class action certification and compensation that our clients deserve.

The Joseph Saveri Law Firm’s leadership and experience has made our team one of the most successful class action litigation firms in the country. Our attorneys use all available legal rights to achieve justice for all who have been harmed. We are adept at handling class action lawsuits through all stages—from case filing to discovery to trial or settlement—on behalf of plaintiffs in state and federal venues across the United States.