What makes a Business Disputes Complex?

Business disputes can occur when one party breaches an agreed-upon contract between businesses, partners, or shareholders have disagreements, or there is unfair competition, or a business engages in illegal activity or fraud to achieve financial gain. When a business dispute is considered complex, it is typically because it involves multiple parties, occurs across multiple venues, or requires professional analysis of technical information. Complex business disputes can begin as standard business disputes, but the parties and professional assistance required may add a level of complexity.

Multiple Parties
Business disputes involving multiple parties of individuals or entities are complex because they entail a variety of differing interests to satisfy. When there are more interests and needs involved, it complicates what may already be a difficult dispute.

Officers, board members, and shareholders might all have a stake in a dispute over how to manage a business or solve a problem. It is important to maintain open communication and work with an experienced team that will communicate with each party effectively.

Multiple Venues
Multiple venues will complicate the business dispute because litigation is required in courts in more than one jurisdiction, or across state and federal jurisdictions. The conduct at the heart of the dispute then becomes subject to different laws, regulations, orders, and agreements. Motions may be filed in different locations pertaining to the same core issue, which may further complicate any existing litigation.

Managing a complex business dispute that occurs in more than one venue requires a firm able to monitor and oversee all aspects of the complicated litigation. Timelines for each action item will be different. If the timelines are not met, this will further complicate an already complex dispute.

Analysis of Technical Information
Complex business dispute cases often require extensive analysis of highly technical accounting and financial business, insurance, and/or tax records. These types of situations require more experienced legal representation in order to fully analyze and understand the logistics of the dispute and the records at hand.

Although complex business disputes may not require trial, they will quite often require concentrated effort from multiple attorneys, analysts, and experts to ensure sufficient and successful representation. At the Joseph Saveri Law Firm, we have decades of experience working with clients to resolve their complex business disputes. We will help clarify the issues underlying your business disputes and chart a clear, concise path to a successful result.

If you are involved in a layered business dispute that seems confusing and intractable, contact our legal team. Our dedicated attorneys can help you. We offer potential clients a free and confidential preliminary evaluation.